The story of the most banned books of modern times.


This documentary was produced by what has become Giant Thumb Studios LLC. For more information about the filmmakers, please visit the Giant Thumb Studios website.


Approximately 40 interviews were conducted, from family members of the author, to fellow children's book horror authors, to folklorists, to artists and fans.


Featured in the documentary is the son of author Alvin Schwartz, along with other family members who enlighten us on the author and his process.


Featured authors include R.L. Stine, famous for the Goosebumps series, Fear Street series and a host of other scary children's books. He has become the most prominent figure in regards to how children desire a good scare.


Among the many scholars featured, we have Dr. Gary Alan Fine. He is a Northwestern University folklorist and sociologist whose theories are featured in Scary Stories 3.

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"They still have power now, to adults I think. But to a kid they're just this perfect blend of frightening and mysterious and a little bit beautiful."

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Inspired visual touches… A rewarding watch.

Branden Pickrell

I’ll give it five out of five AHHHHHHHHHS! It’s pretty damn near perfect.

Patti Pauley