Moving Forward This Summer

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So our latest crowdfunding campaign just ended. The focus of the campaign was always to get the word out as much as possible. Major websites, podcasts, newspapers. I knew that we were going to hit our limit on the reach we had pretty quickly on social media so as long as we had a solid product, solid campaign page, pitch video, and rewards (which I really think we do) then it’s all about getting new traffic to the campaign in whatever way that is possible.

Unfortunately, we came short on getting enough traffic to really make this thing lift off. Just “getting noticed” in the sea of all that is out there is tough.

So the last several weeks, along with still trying to get the word out as much as possible, I’ve really begun to lay out plans for continuing this documentary on a very tight budget. We won’t be able to finish it this summer. But right now I can confidently say that we are going to have almost all of primary production completed this summer… this is due to a mix of having crew work very cheaply, me investing some of my own money (I’m not a rich man), being a bit less ambitious and/or creative with certain aspects of future shooting… things like that. I expect by next fall we won’t have a finished product because there are definitely some post-production costs that we just won’t be able to afford… but by fall 2016 we will be in a very good place to be able to try for funding again with a vast majority of the documentary complete.

Thanks to all who have contributed so far. All of you will all be getting your perks. Like the last campaign, we’ll just need a bit more time with providing that last important reward, the finished documentary. But when we have it, everyone who has contributed at the $25-$30 level will get the finished product.

Make sure you’re following us on social media… I’ll keep posting updates here and on those as well. You’ll catch some fun pictures this summer while we’re in the middle of it all.

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