Respect to the Scary Stories Movie but Documentaries are Nice Too

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scary stories to tell in the dark documentaryYes, for over two years now we’ve been very aware of the Scary Stories movie that has been in production. When the first news that they were working on that film was announced, I was looking at it as a great subject for a documentary. I could never prove that. It was just an idea I was batting around. And now here we are. Their movie progresses and mine does as well.

Just today brand new news about that film adaptation hit various news websites like Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Screencrush, and Bloody Disgusting. And news hit several weeks ago about Guillermo Del Toro being involved.

First and foremost, every step of the way I have made it clear that we are not associated with that film. We wish them well! And we’re eager to see how it develops like all the other fans of this book series. But with the Schwartz family, along with many scholars, folklorists, and others (see the current list) we want to tell a different story in documentary form. We respect that film, but we want to tread our own path.

So good luck to them!

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