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New Study: Top Kids Movies & Media “Hotbed for Murder and Mayhem”

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A new study done by the British Medical Journal takes a look at the top kids movies and media and describes how much death there actually is in children’s films compared to adult films. To some like the author of this article, the results may seem troubling. Because this documentary intends to tackle Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and will inevitably tackle this particular subject, I felt like weighing in. The interesting thing about books and media catered to children is that it must address subject areas that they are both interested in and can immediately wrap their heads around and invest in emotionally.

3 Greatest Examples of a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Poem

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I grew up reading this book series and the illustrations and stories always came to mind when thinking back on them. What is interesting is that memories of a particular Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark poem or two have occasionally come to mind and overshadowed the illustrations or short stories. For some the poems are the most memorable part of them. Perhaps it is the silliness that often accompanied them. Perhaps it was how they could be put to music and would inevitably get stuck in your head. So what are the best of them?

3 Classic Kids Books That Have Dark Origins

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There are so many children’s books that have become iconic. They are just a part of our culture and over the years have been told and retold. In time they often tend to be watered down and stray significantly from their original telling. To look back at the origins of classic kids books, you will find that many of them were much darker and in some cases actually quite gothic and gruesome.