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4 (Scary) Interesting Documentaries About Technology

This entry was posted on Sunday, February 1st, 2015. Tags:

When you think about technology documentaries you might just go straight to yawning, but these docs are different. These interesting documentaries about technology will leave you feeling nervous about your future, rethinking that new smartphone purchase, and double checking the security settings on your Facebook. Here are 4 technology docs that are as good as any horror film.

The 5 Best New Documentaries to Haunt your Dreams

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I find documentaries are scarier than fictional horror films because they are about real events – not just stories from someone’s imagination. The five best new documentaries that I have compiled will haunt your dreams and are about real people and the horrific acts that transpired. #5 Cropsey. This documentary contains some of the scariest elements of all: an old haunted mental institute, a creepy man who preyed on children, and cults.