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The Best Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Story, According To Me

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Wow, this is a tough one. These stories are so visceral and personal. A certain story could be one that you remember reading as a kid and always stuck with you. Another story could be one that you found particularly funny or clever. There could be one that, paired with the illustration, could be particularly effective to you. What is the best Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark story for you? If I had to choose just one story, interestingly enough I would go with the very first tale, The Big Toe.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Alvin Schwartz and His Vision

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In Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark Alvin Schwartz (the author) accomplishes a lot. If a documentary is going to explore the book, the author and his intentions is a topic and an entry point that must be brought up. This documentary intends to get “underneath the hood” so to speak and find out how this book series came to be and why it is important. To do this, the intentions and the methodology of the author is an interesting aspect.

Top Urban Legends: Nothing Beats the Guy with a Hook

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Of all the top urban legends that exist today, there is hardly one more pervasive and well-known as the killer with a hook for a hand. There are of course a million variations. Many of them center on a young couple who narrowly escape. Oftentimes the hook is found dangling from a car door. Not surprisingly, the story can be tracked back to the 1950s, when cars became more prevalent and young couples driving somewhere to partake in sexual activity was becoming a concern among parents.